Interview Questions 2020 – Growth Potential #2

During a job interview, the interviewer will definitely be looking at your current skill set – but will also be paying attention to your ability to learn new things. They want to know whether you’ll be able to perform the job today – but more importantly, whether you’ll be able to perform it in a few years, by which time technology and best practices will have moved forward. Do you have the ability – and the willingness – to move forward with them?

This is something you should spend a decent amount of time thinking about. After all, your success across your career (and, beyond the office – your life) will depend on your willingness to learn and develop yourself professionally and personally. 

Employers are generally hunting for confident people who’ve spent time thinking about their career goals. This is as much for your benefit as it is for theirs – do you know where you want to be in five years? What about a decade from now? Will this job help you get to where you want to be? When the cost of replacing an employee is about 1.5x their salary, employers are looking for long-term loyalty, and candidates who are likely to stay for the long haul.

In the fifth part of our IQ2020 series, we’re looking at the most popular interview questions for gauging a candidate’s growth potential, and how you should answer them if you want to make a good impression.

Question #2: Describe a time when you volunteered to expand your knowledge at work, as opposed to being directed to do so.

This isn’t a tricky question, so give a straight-forward answer if you can. The interviewer is looking for enthusiasm and eagerness to learn, and they also want to see that you have the willingness to ask for the resources when you need them. Being proactive about your own development is a wonderful sign of growth potential, so share anecdotes where you’re actively seeking out new opportunities to better yourself.