The Body Language of Interviews: #2 – Catch Their Eye

With that important interview coming up, you’ve probably got a lot on your mind. How much research should you do beforehand? What questions are the interviewers likely to ask? What should you wear? What if you seem nervous? What if you seem arrogant? What if you’ve got a sweaty handshake? Should you go out for a heavy drinking session the night before?
There’s plenty to think about, isn’t there? But are you paying attention to your body, too? We all tend to communicate a lot through our gestures, without saying anything at all. Following on from last week’s blog on the psychological benefits of wearing a smile to your interview, here’s how to keep your eye on the ball:

Eye contact is one of the best ways to help communication between two people, and if you can’t meet somebody’s eye, it usually gives off the impression that you’re nervous, or shy. On the other hand, meeting somebody’s eye too much can make you seem a little unhinged, or as if you have something to hide. Strike a happy balance by looking at different parts of the interviewer’s face. Move your gaze from eyes, to mouth, to nose, in a slow triangle. You’ll appear engaged and interested. 

Some of us struggle with eye contact, and if that’s the case for you, try looking at the bridge of their nose instead. From a distance, they won’t be able to tell the difference. If that still feels weird, when you shake hands try looking at their eyes for long enough to notice their eye colour. Then relax. You’ve met your eye contact quota already. 

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